Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Breadman (Roti Man)

This is the latest version of the Breadman on his 'more' modern motorbike (instead of a bicycle) riding through a neighborhood)

I look forward to seeing the breadman every afternoon at around four when he comes to my neighborhood. It is a normal site to have a group of women and children crowding around him as he parks his bicycle and opens up the big cone bread cover of a huge cylindrical container strapped to the back of his bicyle. I've often wondered how a seemingly small man can haul and balanced this huge load around.  Besides that he has loaves of bread hung around the handles of his bicylce at every possible space he could find around the big bread container.  He may be quite a hazard on the road but who could deny that his services are invaluable.  He delivers bread right to your doorstep and in the good old days he even offer you to buy bread on credit as he scribbles in his little notebook the amount you owe him.

I can see the excitement on the faces of children surrounding him. There are sweet buns filled with coconut, cream horns, sweet braided bread and other big whole loaves. He cheefully keeps busy, slicing bread, making change and attending to each customer as fast as he can. I can still smell the aroma of the fresh baked goods as I stood there waiting for my turn. What is it going to be today (hard decision), cream horns, the scrumptions coconut-filled sweet buns or a buttery cookie. Oh, let me not forget the sandwich loaf that mother has asked me to buy.

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