Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Unforgettable Vegetarian Sandwich

Mashed Avocados
 Roasted Sweet peppers
Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil
Sliced English Cucumber
Aged Provolone Cheese
Alfafa sprouts
 Bread: Olive Rosemary

Sandwiches are wonderful during hot summer days when you don't like feel like standing in front a hot stove or oven to prepare a meal.

As I was planning to make sandwiches, I recall the fabulous vegetarian sandwich I had years ago.  My first bite into that sandwich ~ "Wow!" I could taste each vegetable, it is full of texture and was bursting with fresh flavors and was super delicious. 
 I felt so satisfied and it was an unforgettabe experience.  I was trying to remember everything I tasted in that sandwich and tried my best to duplicate it.  I am sure it is not exactly the same but it was close.... and after taking the first bite I was quite happy with the outcome.

The above ingredients I listed are just my own preference and you can certainly select your own favorite bread, cheese and vegetables.  The pesto and sundried tomatoes give the sandwich lots of flavor and compensate the absence of meat and does what mayo does in sandwiches.  I choose vegetables that will not easily get mushy and have a good crunch and yet will help keep the sandwich moist.

Tips on Sandwich Making

Use the Right Bread ~ Choose bread appropriate to the sandwich you’re making. Pair moist fillings with drier and denser bread. A thick crust helps.

Sandwich spreads add flavor and lend moisture and sometimes creaminess to sandwiches. Mustard and mayo are the familiar standbys, but experiment with vinaigrettes, pestos, BBQ sauces, chutneys, and salsas.

Spread mayo, butter or cream cheese all the way to the edges of each slice of bread to create a seal against wet sandwich fillings. Pack high moisture ingredients, like tomatoes, pickles, and cucumbers, separately. Just add them to the sandwich when you’re ready to eat. Toasting the bread can help, too.


  1. I want this sandwich NOW!! It looks so so SO good! YUM! Love the avocado on it, I do that often as I hate mayo LOL :) Seriously this sandwich looks like perfection on bread :)

  2. Thanks Andrea, it is really a great sandwich and I hope you will try it and let me know. I love making sandwiches. I often thought of working in a great sandwich shop :)!

  3. how come i did not get this sandwich while i was visiting? i know, we were always too engrossed in something else

  4. You are too busy cooking for me! Would love to make you this sandwich sometime, if I catch you resting.